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How To Select The Best Home Security System In Reno

March 26, 2021
Vivint home security in Reno

You have numerous of choices when you hunt for a home security system in Reno. You can choose the DIY route and put up whatever devices and sensors you purchased on the web. You could go with an old-school security company that insists on wiring all your tech together, with little regard for your house’s aesthetic. Or you can go with a company that uses state-of-the-art wireless components that connect into 24/7 security monitoring services.

The choice is yours to make, but know what you ought to seek out when you need the best home security system in Reno.

The best security system in Reno utilizes current technology

Security equipment has advanced throughout the 21st century. No longer do you need bulky, industrial sensors hanging in unwieldy spots. Long absent are those grainy, black-and-white security camera feeds where everything appears to be a distorted blur. And never again should you have to sprint to your keypad so you can frantically punch in your security number combination on a hard-to-read number pad within 30 seconds of entering your home.

Cutting-edge best security systems in Reno employ easy-to-use peripherals that complement your decor. Wireless devices allow you to set a HD camera or fire alarm anywhere you want. Alarms and cameras will sync together and be durable enough to endure the wear and tear of daily use.

The best home security system in Reno links all your devices together

The best security systems in Reno make you secure and your house more energy-efficient via home automation. From smart locks to garage door sensors, every component within your system runs through your Smart Hub and your smartphone.

But the real potential of having your home security, cameras, and automation system sync together is the capability to work off one another. When it's time for bed, you can tap a button (or tell Alexa "Good night" and your devices arm, your lights turn off, your doors lock, and the thermostat lowers. Or if your monitored fire detectors pick up smoke, your smart thermostat can turn on the vents while all the smart lights turn on and smart locks open. Security systems make it simpler for your family to escape while they call professionals.

Vivint Home Security Control Center

The best home security system in Reno is intuitive to use

You shouldn't need to find your security system's instruction manual in the case of an intrusion or fire. Rather, your portable touchscreen Smart Hub should have understandable controls with large buttons and simple functions. The same control scheme should seamlessly travel to the mobile app, so you don't feel like you need to learn a whole new format for remote use.

It should only take you one or two button pushes to watch live HD feeds or video clips. Components can sync together without a complex linking process. Adding future devices should be as simple as the first setup. And if something is a little too much, the best security system is equipped with a Smart Hub section for tutorials and a way to talk to customer service.

The best home security system in Reno has 24/7 monitoring services

If your alarms go off from a burglary, but no one in the house to hear it, can the police ever check in? That's the question you should ask when you're seeking out the best security system in Reno.

Security monitoring experts watch over your security system and will answer to numerous types of situations. In the instance that your monitoring services discover a fire, break-in, or another problem, your monitoring experts immediately notifies you and the appropriate emergency responders. This lets you concentrate on getting your loved ones to a safe place while responders come to your aid. And when you're out and about, your monitoring team will react to every activated alarm and sensor no matter where you are.

The best home security system in Reno has exemplary customer service

Some companies seem great when you’re shopping for purchase a brand new system, but keep you on the phone humming the Jeopardy! theme song if you are trying to solve a problem. However, you should experience a fast response from a security professional when booking an installation, walking through a bill, or ordering new devices. And the best security system in Reno gives you a direct line to customer service on your Smart Hub and through their mobile app.

The best home security system in Reno is made by Vivint

To custom build the best security system for your needs, look no further than Vivint. The simple components, 24/7 monitoring, and sublime customer service make your house a streamlined smart home. Just call (775) 259-9515 or send in the form below to start the process.